Aseptic is an exhibition conceived as a response to the social isolation and disruption caused by the virus COVID 19. In the absence of in-person meetings, of hand-shakes and direct socialization, and as an answer to the sentiment of estrangement and to the effect of domestic seclusion, we propose an aseptic public space. A safe environment open for everyone, a new and abstract space, freed of any structural or medical constraints.
This gallery offers an alternative space in the virtual realm to the exhibition matrix of the real world. It is a place for gathering, interaction and informal chat through our own avatars. The project is not an expression of what was called, even if it works within the logic of the rhizome, of networking and online connection. Aseptic is rather an exhibition produced as a paradigm of an alternative reality, with spaces, walls and walking area, a place of pseudo-presence.
Aseptic includes works conceived by 16 media artists, each of them making in a way or another reference to issues such as pandemics and isolation, alienation and artificial life, but with a good deal of lucidity, humor and optimism. The exhibition is accessible to any visitor in the world, at any time, with no restrictions.


Curators: Horea Avram & Adrian Grecu

Artists: 13m10j, Alexandru Antik, C?t?lin Burcea, Ciprian Ciuclea, Andu Dumitrescu, Diana Gheorghiu, Adrian Grecu, Mihaela Kavdanska, Adela Muntean, Nicoleta Mure?, Alexandru Patatics, Gheorghe Rasovszky, reVoltaire, Saint Machine, Taietzel Ticalos, Mihai Zgondoiu