LIGHT, lights, f.s. I. 1. Radiation or complex of electromagnetic radiation emitted by incandescent objects (with or without a flame) or luminescent ones and that impress the human eye.

An imaginary circle, 6 sources of light, two chairs, two characters.
The light sources are spread at equal distances one from another on the edge of the imaginary circle. Their projections are oriented towards the center of the circle.
Inside the circle, the two characters, face to face, sit on the chairs in perfect silence and from time to time, they change their positions. Why?

In a perfect light, a perfect allure will generate a perfect movement, speaking in terms of projections... BUT, "perfection" in built from many imperfections. We remind ourselves how you can move in "full sunshine" without any sources of shadow. It's about communication, about the personal approach that declines when you're seen "in the perfect light" and about how important are details (imperfections) that a hyper-modern mind tries to unravel step by step.
...And then, put "under the spotlight", we crash. We don't know how to handle the phenomenon. It's practically too much...
What a pity that we are not even demigods... That's life!


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