Very likely to happen in the future

Déjà vu sensation – seen as a strong feeling towards recent history / a past event that may happen sometime in the near future – two special experiences that take place in distinctive temporal spaces but implant the exact same sensation: FEAR. Fear of repeating unforgivable errors or fear of living again terrible experiences such as being frozen in a tight space where you cannot overcome a high level of constraint and oblivion.
We could talk about Fatality. Fatality which actually comes from the inability to memorize essential trauma that human species is repeatedly experiencing in different times without learning anything.
„Being aware" requires effort, it is a hard thing to achieve, the absence of awareness brings a dominant state of crises. Economic crises comes first and then political manipulation of the masses is easily possible to extremism of any kind (left or right), the exacerbated nationalism, religious fundamentalism, racial or sexual discrimination, etc. – which are likely to evolve in various conflicts.
This project appeals to collective memory, the ability to understand events in a deterministic unfolding of cyclothymiacs in which we should learn how to choose without making the same errors from the past. (Catalin Burcea)