Safety Room implies the existence of an aseptic space, unaltered by the flow of fake news. Possible only in the case of a total decoupling from any source of information – mass media, online, mouth to mouth etc. - it is stated only as a "stop game", not as a definite solution.
Protected from "contamination", there is always the risk of alienation, of a brutal exit from the scene, of leaving the world as it is and as we know it at this moment. The lack of correct information can lead, of course, to regrettable anomalies, which are sometimes difficult, if not even impossible to remedy. Therefore, Safety Room is NOT a solution! It is just a useful respite for analysis and reflection. (Catalin Burcea)

"Catalin Burcea is conceptually analyzing the non-action caused by the impossibility of certainty. The impossibility of prediction implies the principle impossibility to distinguish. On the other hand, safety creates its own problems. Burcea raises questions and even debates the accepted societal mechanisms that often produce errors. C?t?lin Burcea's conceptual approach is permanently "time-specific". Always connected to socio-politically themes, always paying attention to the social reactivity." (Razvan Ion)