The expansibility of the field of struggle, paraphrase of "Extension du domaine de la lutte" by Michel Houellebecq, creates only the reference to the seclusion sensation, alienation, of a permanent stuck in an endeavor that seems to transcend the free will of the hero of that story.
As for this project, our “Hero” falls in the same kind of trap, considering this time that his endeavor is an assumed one. The permanent struggle of occupying new territories, to win vital space, doesn’t even come close to the total freedom it aspires to, rather stands eventually for another way of limits aggregation. Of “The Limit”.

The project stands on four main parts:

A first one establishes Private Property, which is quantifiable in accumulated “square meters”. Six images of inhabitable property, six backyards of buildings, which extend on variable areas. Under these images we find numbers, as abstract forms, which don’t call out the verdict (square meters), but seem to be like a secret formula that belongs to Numerology. An obscure science.

The second one (Object-Installation) employs a few essential “lines” extracted from “The Declaration of Human Rights”, printed on retractable "pets" leashes. The length of “the lines” dictates the length of the leashes, which give as much freedom as the statement allows.

The third one, “The main principle of accumulation” (video-loop, 57’’) handles in an ironic key the conviction that an owned good becomes really ours, that we can definitely and irreversibly posses it.

The last one “Being what we don’t know we are” (photo-frame, like a micro aquarium) tells the story of the domestic dimension of being.
It presents us with characters in “domestic” circumstances, at “home”, programed to work in privacy without them knowing that they wear “dog-collars” that randomly fracture movement and specific gestures of a natural, organic existence.

Basically, it’s about the fierce continuous struggle with a bizarre supreme establishment, which we know little about, and in the end, if this end can possibly take place, we should reach the perfect formula that enhances the feeling of absolute disobedience.
Towards who?
Towards ourselves… Probably.

The Illusion of Freedom and Rights is therefore Perfect one.
(Catalin Burcea)











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